Lake Effect Cycling Club Group Rides


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Ride Details

Log the following dates below and show up at one or more of these great group rides!

Cycling in a group is always more fun and much more safe than by yourself. Great camaraderie and memorable events mark each ride from week to week, ride to ride. Whether it's for recreation or for training, whether you are just getting started or consider yourself a seasoned veteran, there is a group ride for you. Always a lot of fun, refreshments served compliments of the Lake Effect Cycling Club. Please don't wait! We often times hear people tell us that they don't feel they are ready to ride in a group yet, that they have to "get in shape first", or that they "don't have time". No excuses, we have a group ride for everyone!

How to find the right group ride for you! (pdf)

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Saturday Morning "Breakfast of Champions Ride" (Continues Year Round)

Saturday morning rain or shine, year round! Self Serve Breakfast after the ride courtesy of the Lake Effect Cycling Club, her sponsors, Staff and Friends of Loose Spokes Bike Shop. Fresh fruit, hot coffee, whole grain cereals and grains, raisin toast and peanut butter, orange juice and much more.  Come on out, bring your helmet, bring a friend and a hearty appetite. When the weather gets real tough, we meet indoors on trainers and rollers.  Join us on Facebook or get your name on our e-mail list to keep abreast of updates to the schedule Your new training season begins now!

(All Groups) Meet: 8:15am Depart: 8:30am)


A Pack Route Map (30 miles)

B Pack Route Map (25 miles)

C Pack Route Map (20 Miles)

: A (24+ mph / no regrouping or recovery after sprints)

B (21-24 mph / regrouping and recovery after sprints)

C (18-21 mph / one sprint at the end)

Pace levels are based on averages only after warm up paces at much lower speeds and are adjusted to fit many variables. 


Monday Night "Recovery Ride" (5/31/16 - 9/5/16)


Meet: 6:15pm Depart: 6:30pm

Route: 30 mile loop or 40 mile loop

Pace: B ride pace

Typically one group for this recurring event.  Expect a moderate pace with one strong pull in the last 3 to 5 miles of the route. The routes vary from week to week and are announced the evening of the ride. Mark King and Randy Schmuker are your Ride Captains and host this essential slow to moderate paced training ride. This ride is good for those that race on the weekends providing a comfortable stretch out pace as well as for the up and coming enthusiast who is in need of more miles at a decent pace. Come out and join us soon!

Meet: 6:15pm Depart: 6:30pm

Tuesday Night Road Time Trial (5/31/16 - 9/6/16)

Loose Spokes is excited to announce the return of the Tuesday Night Time Trial! A 12.2 mile 20k out-and-back course utilizing Lakeshore Dr. Beginning at the base of the Rosymound hill with a turnaround just before Stanton St. Meet and sign-in at Rosymound Elementary School parking lot. $1.00 donation to Lake Effect Cycling Club, members free.  Fresh Fruit and Energy drinks served after the TT. Individual rider Results posted immediately following the ride.

: 6:00pm 1st Rider Leaves: 6:30pm

Route: 20k or 12.427 mile Time Trial Course

Time Trial Results: 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 (will update soon

Thursday Night "Barnyard Beer Run" up and coming look for it soon!

All new ride for 2017.  This coming season the "Barnyard Beer Run" will start and finish at the Loose Spokes Barn Yard.  40 miles of great cycling, three groups.   Great fun, good cycling, good food, outstanding friends and good solid training.   A pot luck dinner will be served after the ride under the event tents, bring a dish to pass, dropped off before the ride.  Music, beer and root beer on ice, campfire and lots of fun!  The dogs, burgers, and refreshments are provided by the Lake Effect Cycling Club, her sponsors and friends. 


Meet: 6:15pm Depart: 6:30pm

Sunday Mountain Bike Ride  (Loosely organized, Series begins 10/21/2016 thru 11/18/2016 weather dependent, follow us on Facebook or join weekly newsletter for current information.  E-mail the shop at: to get on the newsletter.
Riders of mixed abilities will meet at the shop for a road trip to one of our area's finer mountain bike trails.

Stay tuned by way of Facebook or our e-newsletter  for destination details. This ride is dependent on variable weather conditions and participation levels.  Please contact us in advance of the announced date to let us know if you plan on attending these exciting rides so we can plan carpooling and coordinate the event. 

The caravan will meet at the shop no later than 9:15am and will depart from the shop parking lot at 9:30 am arriving at the route destination of choice. Mountain bikers can plan on trips to Yankee Springs, North Country Trail, Bass River, Ionia, Cannonsburg, Fort Custer, Owassippie and many other great regional mountain bike trails.

These rides although very demanding are non competitive and more recreational in nature.  Come out for a great time spinning through the woods in some of West Michigan's finest in all terain two wheel fun!  Food is usually provided or the group may plan on lunch out at a local diner, bring $$ for lunch out.  Depending on the weather, we may use a warming tent, provide a camp fire or other conveniences.

Destinations to be determined. Most trails are about 13 - 15 miles of some of Lower Michigan's best single track with plenty of climbs, technical areas, sand pits, gravel, dead and down trees, mud, etc. Its a great time for family. Father and sons encouraged. Cyclists will ride at their own pace. These are recreational rides with a wide variety of levels of ability.

Important Personal Safety Statement: All Group Rides are the sole Responsibility of the Lake Effect Cycling Club.  By participating you agree to the Club's Rules and Conditions and the Bi-Laws of the Lake Effect Cycling Club.  Riding a bicycle is an inherently dangerous activity. Anyone, regardless of skill level, can suffer injury due to a wide variety of causes when cycling. It is understood by all participants in the group rides that cyclists ride at their own risk and assume responsibility for their own safety. It is very important that all cyclists involved in any group ride wear a well fitted helmet, that their equipment is mechanically safe and ready to ride before attending any group ride and that the rules of the road and trail are followed. Proper cycling etiquette is to be followed at all times practicing a Standard Pace line riding single file at most times. While it is legal in the State of Michigan to ride two abreast it is not recommended in a group unless traffic and road conditions permit safely. Whenever there is a four foot paved shoulder available it is understood that this is the safest lane to ride side by side or two abreast. All cyclists should try to keep to the right side of the white line when there is a four foot paved shoulder and when pavement conditions permit. Please make use of this lane when cycling in groups as this is the safest place to be and has been put there with the generosity of the tax payers of Ottawa County with all road cyclists in mind. It is understood that all cyclists participating in the group rides ride at their own risk. Please do not hesitate in seeking advice or mechanical assistance from the bicycle shop for a free equipment safety inspection and a briefing on the Rules of the Road or Trail and other personal safety information. Ride Safe, Have Fun!